You'll find us at 6419 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH  44103

We're open Wednesday - Saturday:  12-6 on Wed & Fri, 12-8 on Thurs and 10-4 on Sat. 

   Contact us:  We want to hear from you! This is Holly - once she unrolls from that vinyl, she's ready for your message! 

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Or call us at: 216-361-9933

*our retail shop hours are Wed 12-6, Thurs 12-8, Friday 12-6, Sat 10-4.  Our phone is most often used for shop purposes, so if you call during off days/hours it may take a few business days for us to return a message, depending on when you call. 

More about us: 


We're working on improvements to our site and we'll do more than list names when we finish, but for now, expect to meet one of us soon.  We're a  motivated creative team and we go by the names David, Devon, Grace, Holly, Michael and Nicole.  


What is The Upcycle Parts Shop?   Hear all about it in our founder's pitch this Spring in the SEA Change program (we were awarded $10,000!) 


the vision

Our mission is to provoke creativity & promote community through reuse.  Simply put, we’re an affordable art supply store that takes in leftover and discarded materials and uses them for private, corporate & community programming, and as art supplies for you!  We stock pieces, parts, nuts and bolts that have fulfilled their original purpose and are now looking to be transformed and repurposed into something beautiful and useful. We work with local businesses, schools, museums, corporations and individuals to provide a place for materials that would otherwise find themselves in a landfill.

We do so many things in our space, and we do even more things outside of our space!  In our space you'll find all of our awesome parts waiting for you to scoop them up and make magic!  We offer a wide array of programming options for everyone both in our space and in every other space; from bridal showers to large scale corporate workshops, we love every minute of it!  We also offer classes and workshops in our space, check our calendar out to see if there are any currently scheduled!  

We’re proudly located in the St. Clair neighborhood and we have been so lucky to work with community residents and youth through various programs to begin a wonderful transformation in the neighborhood through sidewalk painting, murals, and more!  Come check us out and learn about the amazing things happening here in St. Clair!

the context 

A creative reuse center is an organization that specializes in the retail sale of unwanted industrial and residential materials for the purpose of reuse.  Some creative reuse centers also offer hands-on workshops and community events and programming; ours plans to be this type of place.  ReUse Alliance, a national membership association the Upcycle Parts Shop will be joining, has created an overview on creative reuse centers, available here

Local writer Lee Chilcote wrote this story on creative reuse centers in September that features our plans.

the project 

The Upcycle Parts Shop is a part of St. Clair Superior Community Development Organization's Upcycle St. Clair project. Upcycle St. Clair was funded in June 2013 by the ArtPlace America funding collaboration. ArtPlace funds creative placemaking and they believed in the vision to build a new neighborhood along St. Clair Avenue (in the East 60s) using upcycling as the artistic intervention.

There’s something special about this area and its longtime community anchors, historic buildings and easy accessibility to the East and West. It was once a thriving spine of the neighborhood and we believe in reclaiming its potential. Our work is creating vibrancy, engaging residents, supporting existing merchants, attracting new businesses, creating more colorful streets, teaching upcycling, activating empty spaces, and building community. We’re calling it the St. Clair neighborhood, and we invite you to help us transform it!