Bookings & Takeout

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We’re good at bringing lots of fun to the table, along with creative pieces & parts that become new and pretty awesome customizable designs. We offer programming in 3 different ways to fit every event and budget – Travelcraft, Custom Workshop and Upcycle Takeout.

If your group is looking for an educational speaker or presentation with or without a hands-on crafting experience, you’ve come to the right place! We love to speak and share about our experiences, business model, sustainable practices and more and we’re happy to do it at our place or yours.


Bottle Blossoms

Bottle Blossoms are our signature product. They embody upcycling and our drive for community, creativity and sustainability at Upcycle Parts Shop. These colorful flowers have become centerpieces, community art projects, art installations, bouquets and always-blooming reminders in vases everywhereto seek the inherent beauty in everything around us. Bottle Blossoms are available for purchase individually in our shop, in arrangements, and for centerpiece rentals. Perfect for your office or home, wedding or event.

Custom Awards


Need to recognize a special person in your group or organization?  Good, they deserve it!  We have handmade awards to fit every budget and style from a funky upcycled trophy to a professionally handmade art piece that can hang on the wall.  Our awards don't just recognize, they delight.  Proven true!