The Look Book

See what kinds of cool crafts you can make with your participants


Travelcraft: Awesome for kids

With our sleeves rolled up, we bring everything needed for hands-on creative fun: an abundance of materials, tools, and friendly staff to encourage free play for all ages. Participants experiment with materials that help them reconsider what we throw away and the value it still has. Travelcraft is great for public events: we can host lots of hands all at once and in an effort to demonstrate how art is about problem solving, we purposely leave glue off the table and encourage different ways of connecting materials (wire, tape, staples, rubber bands, string, etc.). Offering tools like scissors, staplers, and hole punches, staff gently guides, supports, and encourages the creative exploration process. Cars, boats, crowns, masks, wall art, necklaces, mobiles and surprises have emerged in the past. What will your guests create?!

Travelcraft Fee: $200/hour for 1–2 event tables with unlimited participants.
Requires 14 days notice or a $100 rush fee applies. 

Custom workshop: Great for adults or kids

We bring materials, tools, and enthusiastic staff to lead the plan for a specific deliverable you’ve requested.  Maybe it’s team building, artistic brainstorming, or community-led decoration of a fence (Vinyl + retired garden hoses = Awesomeness we co-created in Ohio City this past summer).  We specialize in reusable nametag making, which we find to be an ice-breaking, creativity-boosting, sustainability-promoting trifecta at work events.  But maybe you have other ideas! Check out our look book, choose from our tried and true offerings, and we'll source the materials . Together we’ll make a plan to get excited about!

Custom Workshop Fee: $200/hour for up to 50 participants.
Requires 14 days notice or a $100 rush fee applies.

Upcycle Takeout

Have the staff or volunteers but need a craft idea and supplies? We consult with you and provide all the upcycled materials for your very own custom workshop led by you! We’ll provide written instructions and a sample craft. You’ll supply tools like scissors, staplers and hole punches or we offer tool rental. We’ll have your order ready for pickup when you need it. 

Upcycle Takeout Fee: $100 for approximately 100 participants
Requires 7 days advance notice or a $100 rush fee applies..
Tool Rental Fee: dependent on tools needed; tool deposit is fully refunded if all items are returned within 14 days.