We like to make things with our hands. 

You do too, right?  We talk about Upcycle Parts Shop as a community-based art supply shop, a creative workshop space with in-house and off-site programming and a waste diversion solution all in one. Check out our calendar for what's happening and send a note or give us a call if you have any questions.  We like to say we make less waste and more art.


A special offering ideal for public events – if you’re thinking of a more sustainable craft table at your event, this is the service for you! We bring the parts to you for hands- on exploration!  Travelcraft includes an abundance of  materials, tools, and 1-2 friendly staff.  Participants experiment with materials to make whatever they want.

Click here for a one pager on this option and a customized  version of it too (when you have a specific community crafting goal in mind). 


What's a Makeshop you ask? Think workshop, but instead of hard work we're making fun stuff! We offer various projects and you leave with your very own handmade item.  Space is limited, you’re welcome to bring refreshments and/or adult beverages.  Advance reservation required.   You'll see these listed on our calendar with a hyperlink to a page with more information where you can reserve your spot.