Donations Policies

Upcycle Parts Shop is powered by the donations of creatives, businesses, and people just like you looking to relieve themselves of material weight thoughtfully and without contributing to our already packed landfills and recycling centers. Thank you for choosing us as a place to share your abundance!

We are a small organization in both physical size and staff. Please read through and follow these policies completely to ensure the best experience for us and yourself as we Do Good Together! We are grateful for your support and participation!

Three boxes or less?

We accept walk-in material donations of up to three boxes per person when we are open Thursdays from 2-6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-4 PM.  Please do not leave donations outside or unattended.

More than three boxes?

We encourage that “less stuff” arrive “more often”, but we understand that sometimes a large amount has to move fast! We can accept these large donations by appointment. Please email our Shop Manager, Cass, with the size and nature of your donation and she will happily schedule a time with you.

How to Donate

Before you pack up your boxes, take a look at our most recent Donations Guide for information on what materials we’re currently accepting (and what we unfortunately can’t) as well as where to go and what to expect during the acceptance process. After signing our donation log and receiving your tax deductible letter, we hope you will browse our shop or make a friend while we’re at work sorting through your treasures!

If you have any further questions, donation item inquiries, or even concerns, feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist you through the process.

Thank you!