Donation Schedule

We accept donations when we are open on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 12-5pm.  

We also accept donations by appointment, so please reach out to us by phone at 216.361.9933 or email at and we would be happy to schedule a time with you.


Donation Items

Donations are handled by our Upcycle Retail and Reuse Specialists. If you're not sure about your donation you can call us at 216-361-9933 or send an email to Due to limited space we ask that donations are limited to approximately 300 lbs per month for any one donor (about one car load). When you arrive with your donation we ask that you sign our donation log and we will offer you a letter stating that your donation is tax deductible. We’d love to hear how you'd like to be thanked for your donation as we are sincerely grateful for your support.

We're small so we can't take everything. Please refer to the list below to see if we can accept your items. 

No thank you! 

No forks, spoons, knives—neither metal nor plastic
No dishes, plates, cups
No baskets
No frames
No ceramic tiles
No plaster statues or other yard decorations (flamingoes, etc.)
No scraps with nails, lead
No heavy, metal items
No piano parts, except keys
No styrofoam/bubble wrap (USPS might like them)
No clothes, rags, cleaning supplies
No shutters
No wood
No seashells
Limited stain glass supplies

Heck yeah! 

Wire hangers (all wire, no cardboard tubes in the middle)
Wine corks
Telephone wire
Fabric & sewing supplies
Specialty paper
Glue & tape (all types)
Ribbon, string, yarn
Jewelry wire and findings
Wallpaper scraps
Large mason jars with lids
Broken or functional jewelry
Clear DVD cases
Unused chopsticks

If you have a question about a specific type of item, not listed here, please contact us