Youth Programs

Thanks to support from The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation in 2016, we had an exciting summer public art program with input from and run by youth. Upcycle Parts Shop staffer Devon Fegen-Herdman began by visiting local youth groups and places where young people gather to get their ideas on what kind of public art they would like to see in their own St. Clair neighborhood. Using their suggestions, she and two student interns, Laquell Campbell and Martin Hayes hosted volunteer work days to execute a series of neighborhood beautification projects. We celebrated the Cavs championship win by painting a mural over a board up on St. Clair, painted trash cans in Grdina Park, refreshed an old mural behind Kovacic Rec Center with a new design, and created upcycled pallet benches for a nearby vacant plaza all while meeting new neighbors. All in all, the program was a major success and neighborhood residents were excited to see the improvements in action.

Neighborhood Programs

North Collinwood

Upcycle Parts Shop is grateful to the residents and employees of North Collinwood for voting us the top Vacancy project in the Ballot Box initiative which was generously funded by ArtPlace America and administered by Northeast Shores Development Corporation in 2016. After a series of community meetings and events to showcase the multitude of creative projects up for consideration, two weeks of voting took place and Business Relationship Manager Michael Hudecek’s Craft-Up Collinwood project was selected for funding. We love the opportunity to take our community-driven approach to placemaking through upcycling to a new community and have learned so much about the challenges and opportunities working in a new place provides. We worked with residents at local festivals, libraries, the Collinwood Rec Center, and the Collinwood Friends Garden to create art projects that brighten corners and inspire people to see the opportunity in everything around them: from discarded bottles to vacant buildings, from individuals to neighborhoods.

St. Luke’s Foundation

We are excited to be funded by St. Luke’s Foundation to bring community building events and crafting mixers to Saint Luke’s Pointe, the former Saint Luke’s Hospital where the foundation is located. The campus houses several offices, a Boys and Girls Club, a school, and senior living area. The Foundation’s goal to build community among the diverse individuals and organizations in the building fit well with our proven engagement techniques. We realize that upcycing with an inviting facilitator can help break down barriers and give unique individuals a common ground to start a conversation. Activities in 2016 have included helping Boys and Girls Club members create upcycled decorations for the Intergenerational School's first ever junior prom and crafting with cops to bridge the divide between community members and the police. An upcycled art cart was hosted by Boys and Girls Club members who invited office workers to take a break and meet some of the kids while learning to transform something old into something new.

 St. Clair Superior

We want to support our neighbors in all the ways we can, from displaying local information to hosting small groups for their free events. Previously we hosted the St.Clair Superior Gardeners meet & greet, a potluck event open to all neighbors and friends to talk about their gardens and things they'd like to see happen for local cohesion. In 2017 we launched our new Upcycle Outreach program in which David is offering free community crafting in public spaces weekly and building and strengthening networks of neighbors through connection and referrals.  David is at indoor locations during winter but plans to be pedaling a bicycle pulling an art cart in the summer months!  Partners on this project include Rainey Institute, Addison branch library, Langston Hughes branch library, Lexington Bell community center as well as others.  Contact to learn more or become a partner site.  Check out our calendar to craft with David out in the community.

Programs For Other Non-Profits

Material Sponsorships:

We like you and you like us. As a local non-profit we want your event to be amazing. If you are in need of specific craft supplies with a limited budget we may be able to provide you with material sponsorship. You can get up to $100 in store credit on parts, ideal for crafting, projects or creating decor (does not include kits, bottle blossoms or other finished products). We have large quantities of certain things and we’d be happy to share. We’ll set up a time and you can come peruse the shelves and perhaps even the basement!  We ask that you offer something in return and post signage recognizing us at the event. In kind promotion?  Volunteer hours?  You let us know.  We’re excited to hear from you and collaborate!

Raffle Prizes:

Do you adore what we do and want us to support your auction or raffle? We want to help! We have a limited number of spaces per month to offer support, and do so on a first come, first served basis for qualifying inquiries. What you will receive: A city-scape picture holder ($15 value) and Upcycle Parts Shop membership ($99 value). Membership includes $99 worth of store credit for parts and lots of other great benefits. Winner needs to fill out the included membership form and return it to our St. Clair Ave store to activate the membership. Please direct email solicitations to Michael Hudecek,