There are a few ways to join that support you as a creative person & us as a start-up. 


One option is to become an Upcycle Member

Become an Organizational Member!

You pay $99 for an annual membership fee and we do everything we can to support you, share our goods, put creative art supplies in your hands and together we divert usable materials from the waste stream.  Our mission is to provoke creativity and promote community through reuse.

Your founding membership will help us meet that mission!

Here’s what you get for your investment: 

  • Store credit: We match your membership fee with the same amount of store credit, meaning you walk away with materials from our shop out the gate! Once you sign on, we start a tab of $99 store credit. You come shop for this or give us a list and we’ll round up what you’re looking for. 
  • Membership discount 20% off all ‘parts’ purchases: That’s right. After you’ve spent your store credit we want you to have a discount for purchases of parts you make the rest of the year, (offer good at St. Clair location only, for parts!).
  • First Dibs/wish list: We capture the materials you are most interested in – as an organization we’ll take an entire wish list from you, and we’ll put it into our customer preferred materials list. When we get those goods in, we’ll reach out to you and let you know to come check them out.
  • First Call: We will invite you into a closed group facebook page where artist opportunities, calls for artists, commission projects, material donations beyond our capacity, pop-up space opportunities will be shared on a first and sometimes only basis. 
  • Abundance offerings: Sometimes we get too much of a good thing and we love to share this kind of abundance. We’ll make sure to share it first and most generously with our members, so be on the look out! We’ll post these goodies to our closed facebook group and/or reach out to you directly if they’re on your wish list. 
  • In-kind: Non-profit organizations, churches, and businesses with social missions can apply for in-kind donations from our shop. As a founding organizational member, you can apply too. We’re still rolling this out but we’ll be ready to discuss soon. 
  • Promotion: We list you and describe your business /work in a few sentences with a hyperlink if you give us one, to your business. We want to support your commitment to reuse and we like to demonstrate our partnerships in the community. 
  • We’ll listen to you: Tell us what else we can do to support your work with reused and upcycled materials!

Download a PDF copy of this information here.

We accept cash, credit or check.  You can pay with credit card here.

If you need an invoice please email us at

Interested?! Great, so are we.  Send us a note and let's get you some of our goods! Thanks! This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship!


Volunteer with us!

We absolutely love our volunteers and all of the wonderfulness they bring.   Do you want to hang out with fun people, get store credit to Upcycle Parts Shop and do something that makes you feel good all at the same time? Volunteering with us is totally for you then!

Click that button right up there and Holly will let our volunteer coordinator, Devon, know that you're ready to join in!