That’s right, you can become a member!  We’ve created this option for people like you who want lots of supplies and want to support our work. We’re surrounded by an abundance of supplies and we want to share them as generously as we can!  

We still offer fill-a-bag retail shopping, membership is a great way to ensure you get as much of the creative goods as you want at a price point that works for everyone. For the cost of membership you get that amount in supplies (say what?!) + cool perks like personal shopping, free abundance offerings, 20% off after you use your store credit, and by-appointment shopping all month long. Scroll down for the chart that breaks it all down.

Think of us as your personal supply closet and we think of you as a member. Cool?

We have a few levels and they’re all annual, meaning yours starts when you sign up!

Upcycle Membership $99

Our most popular level, the Upcycle Membership goes far at our prices + all the perks.

Mega Membership $500

Bigger projects, organizations, schools, or groups: we’re looking out for you. We think of this membership in units. For $500 you get five units and units can be spent in different ways.  One unit is a carload of goods or one unit is a one-hour meeting of brainstorming time to help you think through your awesome project. You can get five carloads of materials scheduled at your convenience or a few carloads of goods + some savvy brainstorming. You choose what you need, and you have a whole year to spend it. Plus all the perks of membership!

Mini Membership $35

For just a smidge more than our biggest fill-a-bag price, you get $35 of supplies and a whole year of perks, while supporting us in a buy-into-the-goodness kind of way. Plus the special members-only handshake.  Just kidding…..or are we?!


Questions? check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page or send us a note: 

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                         STUdio how-to

Membership FAQ

How does the personal shopper work?

If you send us a list of supplies and quantities, we can pull items from the shop floor and prepare them for you to pick up.  This service is free to members, you simply pay for the supplies (or use your store credit). If you prefer to pick out the items yourself, you can schedule an appointment to shop. We're only open to the public one weekend a month, but members can shop by appointment all month long!

This differs from Upcycle Takeout in which we provide a sample craft with instructions and then all of the supplies for your participants to make that specific craft, ready for pickup. The first Upcycle Takeout is offered at a discounted rate of $50 for members and after that the standard pricing is $100 for up to 100 participants.

Can different people from my organization use the same membership?

Yes. We request that one person be the contact person for your organization but multiple people are welcome to come and shop on your membership. They would need to identify themselves as being a part of your membership when they check out.

Do I keep track of my shop credit or do you?

Upcycle Parts Shop will track your shop credit, you do not need to track it. We will send out quarterly emails updating you on the status of your store credit and membership.  

What’s an abundance offering?

An abundance offering is something that we have a large quantity of and so have decided to offer it free to our members, sometimes we limit the quantity but other times you can take as much as you want. To take advantage of the abundance offering, you simply need to let us know and schedule a time to come in.  Abundance offerings are identified in the quarterly membership emails we send out.

Can I purchase membership as a gift for someone?

Sure! We need to know their name and contact information (preferably email), please let us know what date you would like their membership to start so that we don’t ruin a surprise gift!

Can I donate my remaining store credit to another organization or person?

Yes! We sometimes have requests for materials from non-profit community groups and organizations that do not have a budget and we would be happy to use your leftover store credit to fund these requests.