Raffle Prizes

Do you adore what we do and want us to support your auction or raffle? We want to help! We have a limited number of spaces per month to offer support, and do so on a first come, first served basis for qualifying inquiries. What you will receive: A city-scape picture holder ($15 value) and Upcycle Parts Shop membership ($99 value). Membership includes $99 worth of store credit for parts and lots of other great benefits. Winner needs to fill out the included membership form and return it to our St. Clair Ave storefront to activate the membership. 

We’re excited to hear from you and collaborate!

At Your Event

We like you and you like us. As a local non-profit we want your event to be amazing.  We have lots to offer from fun programming for your consumers or clients to locally upcycled decor and handmade awards!


If you  need lots of supplies for a one-time event or for your ongoing programs and activities, membership is probably right for you.  Purchasing an annual membership allows us to be super generous with our materials and lets you do things a little more sustainably!