We love teachers. You guys have a hard job and we really respect you for the love, effort and super dedication you have to kids, young adults and grown ups alike. We’d love to help you do this uber important job with some extra green crafty-ness!

We are often asked to expose students and other lifelong learners to new ways of doing business, waste reduction and the environment, or to share a personal story of professional career growth and change. We can tailor our content to your need and can present verbally or with powerpoint within a casual or very formal atmosphere—you let us know. We’re happy to host at the Art Bar but it’s a small space so it’s a tight squeeze with about 25 guests!

Included with our presentation is a craft shortie—a quick upcycled craft (think 10-15 minutes) your group can make and take with them to remember their awesome experience.

Presenter Fee: $150/hour