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Classic Membership $99

With our most popular level, the Classic Membership, enjoy $99 worth of store credit + all the perks: 20% off all purchases for the rest of the year once you've used up your store credit, first dibs on free abundance offerings, 50% off an Upcycle Takeout Box, website promotion, and our help acquiring your wish list items. 

Mega Membership $500

Bigger projects, organizations, schools, or groups: we’re looking out for you.  We think of this membership in units. For $500 you get five units and units can be spent in different ways.  One unit is a carload of goods or one unit is a one-hour meeting of brainstorming time to help you think through your awesome project.  You can get five carloads of materials scheduled at your convenience or a few carloads of goods + some savvy brainstorming.  You choose what you need, and you have a whole year to spend it. Plus all the perks of membership!

Mini Membership $35

For just a smidge more than our biggest fill-a-bag price, you get $35 of supplies and a whole year of perks, while supporting us in a buy-into-the-goodness kind of way.  

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