Introducing Dominique Bell, Upcycle Parts Shop's first ever Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator

Have you ever gotten exactly what you wished for?  It just happened to us.  We were talking to an energetic group of community leaders who came for a tour and the question came up “How do you work with volunteers?”  ‘We have great intentions”, we said, but in reality, we’re small, we’re busy and we’re not as great at it as we’d like to be… the volunteers we have are the amazing ones who have figured out how to plug in anyhow…., to be honest, what we’re really dreaming of is a volunteer volunteer coordinator’, we said.  A few minutes later,  Dominique introduced herself.

Impacting the World T

Impacting the World T

She’s just starting out in her awesome new role of Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator and we want to shout it from the rooftops!

We asked her some questions so we could introduce her to the world:   

Us: In 10 words, tell us about yourself

DB: My personal vision statement: "Impacting the world, through helping others"   Whoa, she kind of nailed that, didn’t she? 

Us: As you know, our mission is to provoke creativity and promote community through reuse.  What about that speaks to you?  With limited time, what makes you want to   volunteer with Upcycle Parts Shop?

DB: I enjoy giving back to the community.  My son is interested in the arts and immediately entering I thought this would give him a different lenses to look at the arts in the form of reuse so we both could get something from this experience. 

Us: You're pretty awesome and you have lots of energy around this project.  Lucky us!  What changes & improvements to our volunteer program should we expect with you in your new role?! 

DB: A more structured volunteer experience with a regular volunteering schedule.  This will allow volunteers to have a concrete idea of when opportunities at Upcycle Parts Shop will have volunteering.  Also, to to create an enjoyable volunteer experience for others to return, time and time again. 

Us: What do you want to say to someone thinking about volunteering with us? Should they reach out?

DB: Of course! The environment at UpCycle is one that is very inviting and the people are awesome.  You'll be sure to learn some new creative projects and have fun while doing it. 

Us: Since we met you, we've learned that you're pretty altruistic with your time and talent. What makes you give so generously of yourself /  what advice do you have for others? 

DB: I just want to help out however I can.  My goal is to be a lifelong volunteer helping others all over the world.  I would tell someone to be willing to take chances and giving back is very fulfilling.  If you're hesitant with volunteering at UpCycle Parts you'll love it and be drawn too the magnetic personalities there.  

Us: Anything else to share? 

DB: I look forward to what's to come with my experience with UpCycle Parts Shop :) 

So do we!  

Interested in volunteering?  Good, we could use your help.  Email us at and you'll connect to Dominique directly!  Roll up your sleeves!